Monday, January 7, 2008

Book Review: A Grief Observed

I got C.S. Lewis's book, A Grief Observed, on CD and listened to it on Sunday. It was a quick listen and only took about an hour and a half. It's essentially his journal of the time after his wife passed away, documenting his thoughts and feelings on grief, loss, and religion. The book was a little difficult to listen to, but I'm not sure if that was because of the content or because it was my first time listening to a book on CD. Ultimately though, he hit on some great points:

  • The general sadness and anguish of losing someone
  • The desire to hold onto that person, or the idea of that person
  • Frustration with the religious community's reaction to death
  • Frustration with God. Is God really as good as we're told? If so, why would this happen?
He touched on a lot of the same things that I have been feeling and have yet been able to reconcile. For me, there were not a lot of answers in this book at this time; it was more helpful to hear the same things that I'm feeling. I expect that once I'm further along in this process though I may find some answers if I listen to the book again.